A Hi Tech open Source Co-Operative Project for Mankind

 The Earth Ship Network

All About Us

Currently located in extremely modest facilities in Stockton, Ca. We are an organization dedicated to space flight and the long term survival and expansion of mankind into the solar system and beyond. We are not rich, we are not crazy. We, simply put, believe that for fundamental reasons of survival, we as a species need to move much more quickly beyond the earth.

And that we as a species already have the technological abilities to do so. What we have lacked is the political and business will power to do so.

The basics of spaceflight have been well known since the 1960's. For many of us, even back then, believed that we would already be on Mars by now, with a full lunar colony already established. And although the technology to do so has been around a very long time, we sit basically a one world civilization. The dreamer has awakened, and he prefers the dream over the current realities of the world.  We seek out other dreamers, and hope to, with their help, follow through on the promises made to us in those days of exploration we once knew.

It is our belief that the very act of deciding to actually follow through on this dream could be such a massive worldwide endeavor, as to give jobs to many who are without work, and spin off human inventiveness and new technologies for the rest of the 21st century and forward throughout new millennium.


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