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 The Earth Ship Network

    "The Phoenix" - "Earth Too" Project "

General Requirements

Ship Designation Phoenix Ship Group and Primary Functional Modules Module Name
                     Module 1 Prototype Crew Habitat, and Recreation                                                                    '?'
                     Module 2 Prototype Hospital/Medical Research  
                     Module 3 Astronomical Studies  
Bio-Sciences   'ARK'

                     Module 4

Prototype Aquatic Environment  
                     Module 5 Prototype Agricultural  

                     Module 6

Food Production  
                     Module 7 Prototype Wildlife preservation  
Resupply   'Boomer'
                     Module 8 Prototype Cargo/Storage and Supply  
                     Module 9 Fuel Storage and resupply  
                     Module 10 Micro-Gravity Environmental Research and Industrial Production  
Mining   'Digger'
   Mining and Planetary Exploration Research  
   EVA Modules    
        Escape Modules General Re-entry type escape modules with homing beacons and survival gear for 15 days for crew of 20  
        General EVA Construction/Multi-Purpose 1 to 3 man crews  
        Shuttles Full Shuttle capabilities between ships as well as reentry  
        Landers For planetary exploration  
        Construction General Purpose Autonomous Robotic EVA vehicle  
  to be functionally defined a.s.a.p.  
         Science Probes    


General Ship Design Specifications

The Ship will be designed for a specific purpose. The ship will have a axial rotation speed appropriate to generating at least .75g's of artificial gravity for their interior surfaces.

Each ship will be constructing in inflatable sections. Each inflatable section will be constructed using inflatable panels (Specifications currently under development and classified) Each section with be multi-hulled and self sealing.

 The ship will be a fully self contained and self sustainable bio-system.



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