A Hi Tech Co-Operative Project for Mankind

 The Earth Ship Network


How to Contribute

We are seeking donations from individuals, companies, or governments of :

Time/Labor Money Materials Equipment
Building Space Launch Facilities Usage Launch Vehicle Space Tracking Facilities Usage

Please contact us for details.


We are also currently seeking skilled contributions in the following categories:

 Managerial/Administrative Scientific/Engineering Political/Sales/Fundraising Skilled Labor
Project Managers Material Sciences Fundraisers Mechanics
Department Managers Aerospace Engineering Political Lobbyists Electronics Specialists
Team Leads CAD/CAM Grant Proposal Writers Electricians
Lawyers Information Systems   Machinists
Managers Biologists    
Secretarial Workers Medicine (All Fields)    
Administrators Pharmacology    
  Electrical and Electronics Engineers    
  Systems Designers    
  Systems Integrators    
  Software Developers    
  Systems Administrators    
  Help Desk Support    
  Desktop Support    
  Design Engineers    
  Nuclear Engineers    
  Nuclear Physicists    
  Structural Engineers    

Above and beyond the above skills. We need Dreamers and those with imagination to help keep this project alive.  Do you have what it takes? If you believe that you do then ,..

Please contact us for details.